Norwegen - Svalbard

Im Sommer 2018 führte mich mein Weg nach Norwegen - doch nicht irgendwohin, sondern ins exotische Svalbard. Hier im Norden, auf 78°Nord, zwischen dem Nordkap und dem Nordpol gelegen, habe ich den einjährigen Kurs zum "Arctic Nature Guide" besucht, habe in einem Zelt überwintert und kann Longyearbyen, den Hauptort Svalbards, nun mein zu Hause nennen.

A toast for the Lunenburg to the Arctic crew

Am 23.8.2019, Norwegen - Svalbard

An Bord kommt eine Crew zusammen, die unterschiedlicher kaum sein könnte. Jeder hat sein eigenes Talent, und Liv, eine mittlerweile sehr gute Freundin, ist einfach unglaublich gut in Gedichten. So schrieb sie nach unserer Ankunft ein Gedicht, das nun die Decke unseres Salons auf der "Activ" verziert, und unsere Reise gut in Erinnerung behält. Danke, Liv!

"When ACTIV arrived in Lunenburg it was rainy and grey.

Slowly but surely the weather warmed up and the clouds faded away.

More and more crew turned up and you generously opened up your home,

after a few more weeks Activ was ready for the open ocean to roam.

When she left port the sun was shining and the rum was passed around,

In good cheer we sailed out and the open ocean was indeed what we found.

On the way up North many memories have been made.

From failed fising on the Grand Banks to orcas, for certain these moments will never fade.

With a quick stop in Reykjavik we continued our course,

but the wind wasn‘t in our favour however like all sailors say it could always be worse.

From Iceland to Longyearbyen the days faded into one.

What else can you expect from an endless midnight sun?

Now the ship is sitting at 78 degrees,

we‘re happy to sit around the wood stove where we know we will not freeze.

Sadly the trip is ending for a few

but we will leave happy because we are no less than family after all we‘ve been through.

And to the rest of the crew who will stay onboard to freeze her into the ice,

We wish you a safe passage and we hope the weather and scenery is always nice.

I hope the memories we‘ve shared will always be fond

and when we‘re old salty sailors we will still sherish this unspoken bond.

Now here‘s a quick toast for the hardworking Lunenburg to the Arctic crew.

May many more rum punches be drank in the future,

because well…

that‘s what we do."

- Liv

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